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This is an outline of our




spelling scheme


Based on termly assessment results, the children are placed in 4 ability groups. These groups may change at any time depending on the consistency of attainment for each child.


The spelling lists for each week will always include high frequency ‘keywords’ and ‘focus spellings’. The focus spellings are words which contain consistent letter blends, or phonic patterns, or which follow a particular ‘rule’

In addition, the children may be given words relevant to their termly topic. The choice and frequency of these words for homework will be at the discretion of the class teacher.


In Year 3:

  • The children who find spelling particularly difficult will be expected to learn only the 5 keywords each week. [Group 1]
  • The children in Group 2 will be expected to learn 5 keywords and 5 focus spellings
  • Group 3 will learn 5  keywords and 10 focus spellings
  • Group 4 will learn 5  keywords and 15 focus spellings
  • Your child will know exactly how many spellings he/she should learn.
    • We expect all of the children to aim for complete accuracy in the keywords.

General guidelines

If they continue to find particular keywords difficult to spell after two consecutive tests, then we will give your child a personal ‘bookmark’ attached to their language book/folder with those particular keywords written clearly for them.

  • We expect all children to maintain or improve on their personal best in the focus words. 

Children may learn more focus words than the allocated number above, but they must be completely accurate in spelling their allocated words before attempting to spell the next group.

  • We value your support in helping your child to learn his or her spellings in a non-pressured way.


In Year 3 the children will be given a weekly spelling test, which will be on a Friday. The spellings will be marked by the teacher in the first term and then the children will be given spelling partners and will mark each others after that under the supervision of the class teacher.

Each child will be given the target of maintaining or improving his/her personal weekly score, and rewards such as housepoints will be given for consistent achievement or improvement week by week.


In addition, in all years, the children will be asked to be ‘word detectives’ by finding words for a weekly class collection.

Different spelling rules such as ‘doubling the consonant’ or ‘adding a prefix’  will be introduced, explained by the teacher, and the children will spend the next week spotting and writing down any examples they can find from their own reading books, or in what they see around them. Each word added to the collection will be rewarded, and at the end of the week the total will be counted. 

It is our aim to encourage each child to have the confidence to ‘have a go’ in spelling new words, without the fear of being wrong.

Thank you for your support in helping your child become a confident speller.

Mrs J Clow [Additional Needs Coordinator],

Miss K Williams [3KW Teacher]

Mrs R Williams [3RW Teacher]

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